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OpenCCL: Download Version 1.5


A user name and password is required to download the distribution. We ask that you fill out a request form to identify yourself and indicate your interest in OpenCCL. The request form will automatically direct you to our source package once you fill in the details and submit the request.

This release contains documentation, the source code for the OpenCCL library, and an example program. OpenCCL can be compiled on the Win32/Linux platforms.  Visual Studio VC++6 solution files for use on windows platform are included. (VC .net project files will be included later.)

OpenCCL is free for noncommercial use only. Click here for the terms of this distribution.

Click on a version link and fill the request form to download the distribution.

Version History

Version 1.5: OpenCCL1.5

Note: The current version of OpenCCL relies on METIS library to construct cache-coherent layouts. Due to this, the current version of OpenCCL is not out-of-core and has significant redundant computations. To have a good performance reported in the paper and deal with a massive mesh or graph, you need to decompose the model into small spatially coherent chunks consisting of 2K or 4K triangels and use APIs on each chunk. Please contact Sung-Eui Yoon for more detial. Also, current distribution only has pre-compiled METIS library for linux and windows. If they do not work under your developing environment, please visit METIS homepage and download latest version of METIS library.

Version history:
Version 1.5: added log metric at Nov-28, 2006

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