Modular Pedestrian Simulation Framework for Research and Development
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GoalSelectorShared.h File Reference

The definition of the "shared" goal selector. More...

#include "fsmCommon.h"
#include "GoalSelectors/GoalSelector.h"
#include "GoalSelectors/GoalSelectorFactory.h"

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class  Menge::BFSM::SharedGoalSelector
 The shared goal selector is a stub goal selector used strictly internally for bookkeeping. It is used to implement shared goal selectors between states. It is not intended to be sub-classed.. More...
class  Menge::BFSM::SharedGoalSelectorFactory
 Factory for the SharedGoalSelector. More...


 The core namespace. All elements of Menge are contained in this namespace.


FSM * Menge::BFSM::buildFSM (FSMDescrip &fsmDescrip, Agents::SimulatorInterface *sim, bool VERBOSE=false)
 Templated function which builds the behavior fsm from the behavior configuration given. More...

Detailed Description

The definition of the "shared" goal selector.