Pedestrian Simulation in the Loading, Unloading, and Evacuation of Commercial Aircraft

University Of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Boeing Commercial Aircraft


We present a pedestrian simulation system to model the loading, unloading, and evacuation of commercial aircraft. We address the challenge of simulating passenger movement in constrained spaces (e.g., aisles and rows), along with complex, coordinating behaviors between the passengers. Ped-Air models different categories of passengers and flight crew, capturing their unique behaviors and complex interactions. We exhibit Ped-Air’s capabilities by simulating passenger movements on two representative aircraft: a single-aisle Boeing 737, and a double-aisle Boeing 777. We are able to simulate the following behaviors: stress, luggage placement, flight staff assisting passengers, obstructed exits for evacuation.

Andrew Best, PDF Thumbnail Sean Curtis, David Kasik, Christopher Senesac, Timothy Sikora, Dinesh Manocha. Ped-Air: a Simulator for Loading, Unloading, and Evacuating Aircraft

PDF: Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics, 2014