Benchmarks Data


Bench - This is the number and particular scenario of the benchmark. There are six benchmarks, some of which have different scenarios associated with them.

DOF - The number of Degrees of Freedom planned for the robot. In a 2D workspace, 3DOF represents a robot that can rotate. In a 3D workspace 3DOF represents a translating robot, while 6DOF represents one that translates and rotates.

Type - Sampling Type. We have compared our Voronoi Based sampling to Stanford's planner that uses Uniform sampling. The basic structures of the implementations are the same. The main difference is in the sampling strategy.

Time - This is the running time to service the benchmark query. The time to compute the Voronoi diagram is not included, but is listed in a separate table. But it includes the time to build the roadmap.

C-Space Sample - The total number of random C-Space configuration generated by the planner. This number represents all configurations, even those in contact space, and those that are in free space that fail to connect to a node in the road map.

Free Samples - The total number of samples that lie in free space and have successfully become part of the roadmap.

Full Coll. Checks - The number of times a full PQP collision query was performed.

QR Coll. - The number of times that a full collision query was avoided, by doing a quick rejection. Connect Comp. Calls - The number of times the planner attempted to connect two nodes from distinct components.