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Vector3.h File Reference

Contains the Vector3 class. More...

#include "API.h"
#include <cmath>
#include <ostream>


class  RVO::Vector3
 Defines a three-dimensional vector. More...


namespace  RVO

Contains all classes, functions, and constants used in the library.


float RVO::abs (const Vector3 &vector)
 Computes the length of a specified three-dimensional vector.
float RVO::absSq (const Vector3 &vector)
 Computes the squared length of a specified three-dimensional vector.
Vector3 RVO::cross (const Vector3 &vector1, const Vector3 &vector2)
 Computes the cross product of the specified three-dimensional vectors.
Vector3 RVO::normalize (const Vector3 &vector)
 Computes the normalization of the specified three-dimensional vector.
Vector3 RVO::operator* (float scalar, const Vector3 &vector)
 Computes the scalar multiplication of the specified three-dimensional vector with the specified scalar value.
std::ostream & RVO::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const Vector3 &vector)
 Inserts the specified three-dimensional vector into the specified output stream.

Detailed Description

Contains the Vector3 class.