Rendering environmental voice reverberation for large-scale distributed virtual worlds

Micah Taylor, Nicolas Tsingos, Dinesh Manocha

Sound propagation in massive scenes: Our algorithm reduces precompute and runtime costs allowing hundreds of sources to be rendered on a single CPU core.

We present a method for coordinating enhanced VoIP communication between many clients in real-time. For each client a unique environmental response is generated based on the client's location in the scene. By efficiently compressing precomputed environmental responses, our system can deliver an appropriate early response for each sound source as well as a late decay for each final output stream.

Main contributions


Paper + Appendix (Technical report 2013)

Basic process:



Tutorial, comparison, walkthrough (2014)

(movie 41MB)
Demonstration of several effects.

Diffuse reflection comparision (2014)

(movie 123MB)
Comparision of results with and without diffuse simulation.

Tutorial and office demo (2012)

(movie 200MB)
Demonstration of several effects.



(movie 1.2MB)
Comparison with Ground Truth