2008 IEEE Virtual Reality Workshop on
Virtual Cityscapes:
Key Research Issues in Modeling Large-Scale Immersive Urban Environments

Topics Covered

The workshop will consist of (1) invited talks reviewing the state of the art and discussing limitations of existing techniques, as well as fundamental difference between real and virtual urban societies; (2) contributed talks and posters presenting the new research results and novel work in progress; (3)Panel discussion on how and what research challenges need to be addressed to enable rapid creation of virtual urban environments for various applications. Some of the issues to be addressed may include but not limited to:

  • Rapid modeling and visualization of complex man-made structures and metropolitan landscapes
  • Interactive simulation of large-scale heterogeneous crowds in densely populated urban scenes
  • Agile technologies for creating and generating relevant scenarios
  • Real-time physics-based phenomena and perceptually-plausible behaviors
  • Applications to City Planning, Traffic Control, Video Games, Diaster Response, Training and Education
  • The attendees may expect to learn new inter-disciplinary views on issues related to designing a virtual urban landscape populated with large-scale heterogeneous virtual crowds and foster new research collaboration.