John P. Grills

Deputy Director

US Army Material Command

Field Assistance In Science & Technology Activity (AMC-FAST)





Mr. Grills came to FAST-HQ in July 2000. His prior assignment was with the US Army Research Lab in Adelphi MD, where he served in various Engineering positions for 19 years, most recent was the ARL Liaison Officer to the SAAL-ZT (Laboratory Management) Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics & Technology (ASA-ALT). Prior ARL assignments include: Electronics Engineer/Chief of the Special Projects Office, ARL Information Science and Technology Directorate from 95-99. He was responsible for executing demonstration programs that promoted ongoing R&D in Information Systems to a broad customer base. He also served as the Principle Designer/Technical Lead for the Army Technologies and Concepts Network (ARTACNET) extranet project that provided distributed collaboration between Industry, Academia, and Sister Service Labs, in support of the Army After Next (AAN).  Mr. Grills also served as: Science Adviser (SA) to the Commander, Alaskan Command (ALCOM), Elmendorf AFB, Alaska from 94-95; SA to the Commander, US Army Alaska and 6th Infantry Division, Ft Wainwright AK from 92-94; and as a Mechanical Engineer, Harry Diamond Laboratories, Adelphi MD from 81-92.


Areas of technical expertise include: Robotics, Battlefield Visualization and GIS, Command & Control software development, software/hardware architectures, embedded systems design and programming, High Performance Computing, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling and simulation, Fluidics, electro-mechanical sensor design and systems integration, automated data processing, signal processing, hybrid navigation system design, information systems and network management, and technical program management. Mr. Grills holds a BS Degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Catholic University of America (1981), and is Level III qualified (Systems Planning, Research, Development & Engineering) member of the Army Acquisition Corps. Other personal interests include auto mechanics and restoration, woodworking, and Open Software Development.


His wife, Ann Marie, is an artist, Graphics/Prepress Designer, and Landscape Designer. They enjoy outdoor activities including: fishing, camping, skiing, softball, sailing and golf.