Human-Robot Cooperation in Surgery

Kenneth Salisbury

Departments of Computer Science and Surgery

Stanford University





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Brief Biography:


Professor Salisbury received his PhD from Stanford in Mechanical Engineering in 1982.  At MIT from 1982-1999, he served as Principal Research Scientist in Mechanical Engineering and as a member of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.  Some of the projects with which he has been associated include the Stanford-JPL Robot Hand, the JPL Force Reflecting Hand Controller, the MIT-WAM arm, and the Black Falcon Surgical Robot.  His work with haptic interface technology led to the founding of SensAble Technologies Inc.,, producers of the PHANTOM haptic interface and 3D FreeForm software.  In 1997 he joined the staff at Intuitive Surgical, in Mountain View, where his efforts have focused on the development of telerobotic systems for the operating room.  In the fall of 1999 he joined the faculty at Stanford in the Departments of Computer Science and Surgery where his research focuses on human centered robotics, cooperative haptics and surgical simulation.  He currently serves on the National Science Foundation's Advisory Council for Robotics and Human Augmentation, as Scientific Advisor to Intuitive Surgical, Inc and as Technical Advisor to Robotic Ventures, Inc.