Locomotion Interfaces for Virtual Environments


John Hollerbach

School of Computing

University of Utah





Locomotion interfaces seek to allow natural walking through virtual worlds, and will be an important part of the most advanced virtual reality interfaces.  This talk surveys the different approaches towards the construction of locomotion interfaces, then focuses on the Sarcos Treadport.  Locomotion rendering of realistic forward motion, turning, slopes, and unilateral constraints will be addressed.  The use of whole-body force feedback to achieve many of these effects will be highlighted.



Brief Biography:


John M. Hollerbach is Professor in the School of Computing, and Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering, at the University of Utah.  Presently he is Editor of the International Journal of Robotics Research, a Senior Editor of Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, and a Governing Board member of the electronic journal Haptics-e.  His research interests combine robotics and virtual reality.