Michael Macedonia

Chief Scientist

US Army Simulation, Training, and

Instrumentation Command (STRICOM)



A graduate of West Point, Macedonia served as an infantry officer in a variety of command and staff positions in the United States and overseas assignments including Germany and the Middle East. He also served as a project manager for electronic warfare systems.


Following his military service, Macedonia became the Vice-president of the Fraunhofer Center for Research in Computer Graphics, Inc. (CRCG) in Providence, Rhode Island. Macedonia then joined the Institute for Defense Analyses in Alexandria, Virginia as a Research Staff Member for Modeling and Simulation. He later became a senior scientist at Georgia Tech Research Institute.


Macedonia has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and a M.S. in Telecommunications.  He is a contributing editor and on the editorial board of IEEE Computer. He is also a contributing editor to IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications and an executive member of the Technical Committee for Visualization and Computer Graphics. He was the 2002 chair of the IEEE VR Conference.


His current research interests are described in the March issue of IEEE Spectrum at




He is a veteran of Desert Storm and the September 11 attack on the Pentagon.