Ward Page

Information Exploitation Office

Defense Advanced Research Project Agency



Brief Biography:


Ward Page is a Program Manager in the Information Exploitation Office of DARPA. Prior to joining DARPA in October of 1998 he was a research scientist at the Navy’s SPAWAR System Center in San Diego, CA. He has technical interests in: all aspects and flavors of computer graphics and visualization; command and control; collaborative technologies; computer vision and image processing; wargaming; storytelling and sensemaking; artificial intelligence; information management; and virtual reality and immersive environments. His current work at DARPA involves mobile command and control environments. He holds a B.S and an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois.



Program Description:


Visualization for military operations has focused on digitized mapping/GIS for tactical users and search of large data sets by intelligence analysts. Future efforts will need to take advantage of the unique capabilities of digital presentation and interface technologies to enable warfighters to understand the battlespace and make timely decisions. DARPA's Information Exploitation Office (IXO) has a number of efforts that will address these needs.  Mr. Page will describe the problem space and technology approaches underway in IXO.  See http://dtsn.darpa.mil/ixo/cpof%2Easp for more information.