VR Magic

Goals To create a VR playground with particle effects to play with Why am I interested in this project? Virtual reality is coming relatively soon, and there is an opening for competitive/cooperative playgrounds for players to socialize in that also provides fun tools for interactions. I am interested in providing players with magic spells that have effects and visuals. What is the background material related to this project that I have investigated? The Unreal Engine 4 will be used for its full toolset for great looking experiences. It also provides seamless VR integration into first person, and easy networking implementations for multiplayer components. What do I play to demonstrate by the end of the semester? April 1st Get a general sense of engine workflow. Have a map player can move around in and implement teleport spell. Have a player character, controller, game mode, and input setup. April 15th Projectile and beam spells completed, with some additional material variations. Experimenting with engine features for animation, materials, and blueprint editor. Try getting a sound to play on projectile cast.