We present an optimization-based motion planning algorithm for high degree-of-freedom (DOF) robots. Our approach combines multi-contact dynamics formulation with optimization-based planning to compute collision-free, smooth and dynamically stable trajectories.
Our ITOMP Motion Planner is implemented as a plug-in of MoveIt! Motion Planning Framework on ROS Hydro.

ITOMP Features

ITOMP is an optimization-based algorithm and its objective function consists of cost functions for following constraints.

Download & Installation

Related Work

Chonhyon Park, Jia Pan and Dinesh Manocha, "ITOMP: Incremental Trajectory Optimization for Real-time Replanning in Dynamic Environments"
Chonhyon Park and Dinesh Manocha, "Fast and Dynamically Stable Optimization-based Planning for High-DOF Robots"