COMP575/COMP770: Spring 2016

Course Description


Teach basic concepts related to computer graphics including transformations, graphics rasterization pipeline, ray tracing, meshes and splines, anti-aliasing, texture mapping and rendering.


Computer Science Background: A course in data structures such as COMP 410 (Data Structures) . Some programming experience in Java or C++ is required.

Math Background: Some exposure to matrices and linear algebra. This could be satisfied by taking MATH383 or MATH547


Lecture with a mix of 3-4 programming assignments and 4-5 problem sets. The students can use any platform (Windows, Unix or Mac) or any language (C++, Java, etc.) for their programming assignments. There may be some additional assignments based on Unity Game Engine

COURSE OUTLINE (approx number of lectures)

Course Overview                                                                 (1)

Images and Color Theory                                                         (2)

Tranformations & Perspective                                                    (4)

Viewing Pipeline & OpenGL                                                       (3)

Visibility Computations                                                         (2)

Ray Tracing                                                                     (2)

Sampling and Anti-aliasing                                                      (2)

Meshes                                                                          (2)

Textures and Reflections                                                        (2)

Splines & Surfaces                                                              (4)

Shading and Global Illumination                                                 (3)

Graphics Hardware & GPUs                                                        (1)