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fcl::Convex Class Reference

Convex polytope. More...

#include <geometric_shapes.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Convex (Vec3f *plane_normals_, FCL_REAL *plane_dis_, int num_planes_, Vec3f *points_, int num_points_, int *polygons_)
 Constructing a convex, providing normal and offset of each polytype surface, and the points and shape topology information.
 Convex (const Convex &other)
 Copy constructor.
 ~Convex ()
void computeLocalAABB ()
 Compute AABB.
NODE_TYPE getNodeType () const
 Get node type: a conex polytope.

Public Attributes

int * polygons
 An array of indices to the points of each polygon, it should be the number of vertices followed by that amount of indices to "points" in counter clockwise order.
int num_points
int num_edges
int num_planes
Vec3f center
 center of the convex polytope, this is used for collision: center is guaranteed in the internal of the polytope (as it is convex)

Protected Member Functions

void fillEdges ()
 Get edge information.


struct  Edge

Detailed Description

Convex polytope.

Definition at line 181 of file geometric_shapes.h.

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