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fcl::Interval Struct Reference

Interval class for [a, b]. More...

#include <interval.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Interval ()
 Interval (FCL_REAL v)
 Interval (FCL_REAL left, FCL_REAL right)
 construct interval [left, right]
void setValue (FCL_REAL a, FCL_REAL b)
 construct interval [left, right]
void setValue (FCL_REAL x)
 construct zero interval [x, x]
FCL_REAL operator[] (size_t i) const
 access the interval endpoints: 0 for left, 1 for right end
FCL_REALoperator[] (size_t i)
 access the interval endpoints: 0 for left, 1 for right end
bool operator== (const Interval &other) const
 whether two intervals are the same
Interval operator+ (const Interval &other) const
 add two intervals
Interval operator- (const Interval &other) const
 minus another interval
Intervaloperator+= (const Interval &other)
Intervaloperator-= (const Interval &other)
Interval operator * (const Interval &other) const
Intervaloperator *= (const Interval &other)
Interval operator * (FCL_REAL d) const
Intervaloperator *= (FCL_REAL d)
Interval operator/ (const Interval &other) const
 other must not contain 0
Intervaloperator/= (const Interval &other)
bool overlap (const Interval &other) const
 determine whether the intersection between intervals is empty
bool intersect (const Interval &other)
Interval operator- () const
FCL_REAL getAbsLower () const
 Return the nearest distance for points within the interval to zero.
FCL_REAL getAbsUpper () const
 Return the farthest distance for points within the interval to zero.
bool contains (FCL_REAL v) const
Intervalbound (FCL_REAL v)
 Compute the minimum interval contains v and original interval.
Intervalbound (const Interval &other)
 Compute the minimum interval contains other and original interval.
void print () const
FCL_REAL center () const
FCL_REAL diameter () const

Public Attributes

FCL_REAL i_ [2]

Detailed Description

Interval class for [a, b].

Definition at line 47 of file interval.h.

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