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fcl::details::sse_meta_f12 Struct Reference

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Public Types

typedef float meta_type
typedef sse_meta_f4 vector_type

Public Member Functions

 sse_meta_f12 ()
 sse_meta_f12 (float xx, float xy, float xz, float yx, float yy, float yz, float zx, float zy, float zz)
 sse_meta_f12 (const sse_meta_f4 &x, const sse_meta_f4 &y, const sse_meta_f4 &z)
 sse_meta_f12 (__m128 x, __m128 y, __m128 z)
void setValue (float xx, float xy, float xz, float yx, float yy, float yz, float zx, float zy, float zz)
void setIdentity ()
void setZero ()
void setColumn (const sse_meta_f4 &x, const sse_meta_f4 &y, const sse_meta_f4 &z)
void setColumn (__m128 x, __m128 y, __m128 z)
const sse_meta_f4getColumn (size_t i) const
sse_meta_f4getColumn (size_t i)
sse_meta_f4 getRow (size_t i) const
float operator() (size_t i, size_t j) const
float & operator() (size_t i, size_t j)
sse_meta_f4 operator * (const sse_meta_f4 &v) const
sse_meta_f12 operator * (const sse_meta_f12 &mat) const
sse_meta_f12 operator+ (const sse_meta_f12 &mat) const
sse_meta_f12 operator- (const sse_meta_f12 &mat) const
sse_meta_f12 operator+ (float t_) const
sse_meta_f12 operator- (float t_) const
sse_meta_f12 operator * (float t_) const
sse_meta_f12 operator/ (float t_) const
sse_meta_f12operator *= (const sse_meta_f12 &mat)
sse_meta_f12operator+= (const sse_meta_f12 &mat)
sse_meta_f12operator-= (const sse_meta_f12 &mat)
sse_meta_f12operator+= (float t_)
sse_meta_f12operator-= (float t_)
sse_meta_f12operator *= (float t_)
sse_meta_f12operator/= (float t_)
sse_meta_f12inverse ()
sse_meta_f12transpose ()
sse_meta_f12abs ()
float determinant () const
sse_meta_f12 transposeTimes (const sse_meta_f12 &other) const
sse_meta_f12 timesTranspose (const sse_meta_f12 &m) const
sse_meta_f4 transposeTimes (const sse_meta_f4 &v) const
float transposeDot (size_t i, const sse_meta_f4 &v) const
float dot (size_t i, const sse_meta_f4 &v) const

Public Attributes

sse_meta_f4 c [3]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 486 of file math_simd_details.h.

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