GSound: Interactive Sound Propagation for Games

Carl Schissler, Dinesh Manocha

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


We present a sound propagation and rendering system for generating realistic environmental acoustic effects in real time for game-like scenes. The system uses ray tracing to sample triangles that are visible to a listener at an arbitrary depth of reflection. Sound reflection and diffraction paths from each sound source to the listener are then validated using ray-based occlusion queries. Frame-to-frame caching of propagation paths is performed to improve the consistency and accuracy of the output. Furthermore, we present a flexible framework, which takes a small fraction of CPU cycles for time-critical scenarios. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first practical approach that can generate realistic sound and auralization for games on current platforms.


GSound: Interactive Sound Propagation for Games
Proc. of AES 41st Conference: Audio for Games, 2011


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