Menge Plugin Examples
A Collection of Example Plugins for the Menge Framework
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Terrain Directory Reference


file  ElevationHeightField.cpp
file  ElevationHeightField.h [code]
 Defines elevation based on a height field. If an agent (or a point) cannot be located on the field, its elevation is ????
file  HeightField.cpp
file  HeightField.h [code]
 Definition of a height field based on a uniform discretization of space.
file  Terrain.cpp
 Plugin for height-field-based elements.
file  TerrainConfig.h [code]
 Configures the shared library aspect of the includes.
file  VelModHeightField.cpp
file  VelModHeightField.h [code]
 definition of a VelocityModifier to push agents along the gradient of a heightField