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Formations Namespace Reference

The name space for the Formation Model. More...


class  FormationModifier
 A velocity modifier which adapts agent preferred velocities so that they move in formations. More...
class  FormationModifierFactory
 The factory class for the FormationModifier. More...
struct  FormationPoint
 The data structure representing a point in the formation. More...
class  FormationsTask
 Task responsible for updating agent data for maintaining a formation. More...
class  FreeFormation
 The class for modeling a freestyle formation. More...


typedef ResourcePtr
< FreeFormation
 The definition of the managed pointer for formation data.


FormationPtr loadFormation (const std::string &fileName) throw ( ResourceException )
 load a formation More...

Detailed Description

The name space for the Formation Model.

This formation model is based off of

We use input files which contain the formation coordinates to define a formation, and a task and velocity modifier to execute them.

Function Documentation

FormationPtr Formations::loadFormation ( const std::string &  fileName)
throw (ResourceException

load a formation

fileNameThe name of the file containing the formation definition.
The FormationPtr containing the data.
AResourceException if the data is unable to be instantiated.