Modular Pedestrian Simulation Framework for Research and Development
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consts.h File Reference

Some common mathematical constants. More...

#include "CoreConfig.h"
#include <math.h>

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 The core namespace. All elements of Menge are contained in this namespace.


MENGE_API const float Menge::INFTY = 1e6f
 A convenient definition of infinity.
MENGE_API const float Menge::PI = (float)(asin( 1.0f ) * 2.f)
MENGE_API const float Menge::TWOPI = PI * 2.f
 2 * pi.
MENGE_API const float Menge::HALFPI = PI * 0.5f
 pi / 2.
MENGE_API const float Menge::DEG_TO_RAD = PI / 180.0f
 Scale factor for converting degrees to radians.
MENGE_API const float Menge::RAD_TO_DEG = 180.0f / PI
 Scale factor for converting radians to degrees.
MENGE_API const float Menge::EPS = 0.00001f
 Suitably small number for testing for functional zero values.

Detailed Description

Some common mathematical constants.