Modular Pedestrian Simulation Framework for Research and Development
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Math Directory Reference


file  consts.h [code]
 Some common mathematical constants.
file  Geometry2D.cpp
file  Geometry2D.h [code]
 Definition of various shapes for defining spatial relationships.
file  geomQuery.cpp
file  geomQuery.h [code]
 Various mathematical operations and queries on geometry.
file  Line.cpp
file  Line.h [code]
 Contains the definition for an line used as a linear constraint (e.g. ORCA half plane)
file  Matrix.cpp
file  Matrix.h [code]
 The definition of a 4x4 transformation matrix.
file  RandGenerator.cpp
file  RandGenerator.h [code]
 Utility for generating number distributions.
file  SimRandom.cpp
file  SimRandom.h [code]
 Functions for calculating normally distributed values.
file  vector.h [code]
 Collection of Vector2, Vector3, and constants for simple inclusion.
file  Vector2.h [code]
 Definition of a vector in R2.
file  Vector3.h [code]
 Definition of a vector in R3.