Using Menge

This section will teach you about Menge's interactive visualizer and command line options. It assumes you have been through the steps in Getting Started.</div>

Basic notes

There are a few details of the simulation you should know upfront.

  1. Menge uses forward Euler integration. New positions for each agent are calculated each timestep by offsetting their previous position by their velocity for Δt seconds.

  2. Menge is a crowd simulator at heart. Because Menge was developed as a crowd-simulation research tool (though it is useful across domains) pedestrian models can be chosen at runtime. Global navigation, spatial queries, etc. can not.

Command Line options

Menge supports the following command line options:


Sets the integration timestep for the simulation.

-u, –dumpPath

Sets the screen grab directory. Menge can output each simulation timestep (or some fraction of these).

-l, –listModels

Lists the currently installed Pedestrians models and exits.

-L, –listModelsDetails

Equivalent to -l, but lists more details of the installed models.