Direct-to-Indirect Acoustic Radiance Transfer

Lakulish Antani, Anish Chandak, Micah Taylor, Dinesh Manocha
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (to appear)



We present an efficient algorithm for simulating diffuse reflections of sound in a static scene. Our approach is built on recent advances in precomputed light transport techniques for visual rendering and uses them to develop an improved acoustic radiance transfer technique. We precompute a direct-to-indirect acoustic transfer operator for a scene, and use it to map direct sound incident on the surfaces of the scene to multibounce diffuse indirect sound, which is gathered at the listener to compute the final impulse response. Our algorithm decouples the transfer operator from the source position so we can efficiently update the acoustic response at the listener when the source moves. We highlight its performance on various benchmarks and observe significant speedups over prior methods based on acoustic radiance transfer.