A Viscous Paint Model for Interactive Applications


We present a novel viscous fluid model for use in real-time simulation applications, such as interactive painting systems, based on the well-known Stokes' equations for viscous flow. Our method is perhaps the first unconditionally stable numerical method that treats viscous fluid with a free surface boundary. We have integrated our fluid model with a prototype painting system, which demonstrates the model's effectiveness in animating viscous fluid flow and capturing a thick, impasto-like style of painting.


A Viscous Paint Model for Interactive Applications(22MB)
Preprint of paper to appear in Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds Journal, July 2004.

And to be presented at The Computer Animation and Social Agents Conference (CASA), July 2004.

(UNC Technical Report TR04-006)   (4.8MB)
Contains a few more details than published version.



Figure: An overview of the paint system data flow using the proposed fluid model.

System setup using Phantom   
Figure:  The physical setup of the system using either Phantom haptic interface or tablet interface.

A landscape painting
Eriko Baxter

Eriko Baxter
A landscape painting
Eriko Baxter

Andrea Mantler
A landscape painting
Haolong Ma

John Holloway

A nude painting
Haolong Ma

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