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fcl::Quaternion3f Class Reference

Quaternion used locally by InterpMotion. More...

#include <transform.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Quaternion3f ()
 Default quaternion is identity rotation.
 Quaternion3f (FCL_REAL a, FCL_REAL b, FCL_REAL c, FCL_REAL d)
bool isIdentity () const
 Whether the rotation is identity.
void fromRotation (const Matrix3f &R)
 Matrix to quaternion.
void toRotation (Matrix3f &R) const
 Quaternion to matrix.
void fromAxes (const Vec3f axis[3])
 Axes to quaternion.
void toAxes (Vec3f axis[3]) const
 Axes to matrix.
void fromAxisAngle (const Vec3f &axis, FCL_REAL angle)
 Axis and angle to quaternion.
void toAxisAngle (Vec3f &axis, FCL_REAL &angle) const
 Quaternion to axis and angle.
FCL_REAL dot (const Quaternion3f &other) const
 Dot product between quaternions.
Quaternion3f operator+ (const Quaternion3f &other) const
const Quaternion3foperator+= (const Quaternion3f &other)
Quaternion3f operator- (const Quaternion3f &other) const
const Quaternion3foperator-= (const Quaternion3f &other)
Quaternion3f operator * (const Quaternion3f &other) const
const Quaternion3foperator *= (const Quaternion3f &other)
Quaternion3f operator- () const
Quaternion3f operator * (FCL_REAL t) const
 scalar multiplication
const Quaternion3foperator *= (FCL_REAL t)
Quaternion3fconj ()
Quaternion3finverse ()
Vec3f transform (const Vec3f &v) const
 rotate a vector
const FCL_REALgetW () const
const FCL_REALgetX () const
const FCL_REALgetY () const
const FCL_REALgetZ () const

Detailed Description

Quaternion used locally by InterpMotion.

Definition at line 48 of file transform.h.

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