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fcl::ScrewMotion< BV > Class Template Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ScrewMotion ()
 ScrewMotion (const Matrix3f &R1, const Vec3f &T1, const Matrix3f &R2, const Vec3f &T2)
 Construct motion from the initial rotation/translation and goal rotation/translation.
 ScrewMotion (const Transform3f &tf1_, const Transform3f &tf2_)
 Construct motion from the initial transform and goal transform.
bool integrate (double dt)
 Integrate the motion from 0 to dt We compute the current transformation from zero point instead of from last integrate time, for precision.
FCL_REAL computeMotionBound (const BV &bv, const Vec3f &n) const
 Compute the motion bound for a bounding volume along a given direction n For general BV, not implemented so return trivial 0.
FCL_REAL computeMotionBound (const Vec3f &a, const Vec3f &b, const Vec3f &c, const Vec3f &n) const
 Compute the motion bound for a triangle, given the closest direction n between two query objects.
void getCurrentTransform (Matrix3f &R, Vec3f &T) const
 Get the rotation and translation in current step.
void getCurrentRotation (Matrix3f &R) const
void getCurrentTranslation (Vec3f &T) const
void getCurrentTransform (Transform3f &tf_) const
FCL_REAL computeMotionBound (const RSS &bv, const Vec3f &n) const
FCL_REAL computeMotionBound (const RSS &bv, const Vec3f &n) const

Protected Member Functions

void computeScrewParameter ()
Quaternion3f deltaRotation (FCL_REAL dt) const
Quaternion3f absoluteRotation (FCL_REAL dt) const

Protected Attributes

Transform3f tf1
 The transformation at time 0.
Transform3f tf2
 The transformation at time 1.
Transform3f tf
 The transformation at current time t.
Vec3f axis
 screw axis
Vec3f p
 A point on the axis S.
FCL_REAL linear_vel
 linear velocity along the axis
FCL_REAL angular_vel
 angular velocity

Detailed Description

template<typename BV>
class fcl::ScrewMotion< BV >

Definition at line 316 of file motion.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename BV>
fcl::ScrewMotion< BV >::ScrewMotion (  )  [inline]

Default transformations are all identities

Default angular velocity is zero

Default reference point is local zero point

Default linear velocity is zero

Definition at line 320 of file motion.h.

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