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fcl::CollisionRequest Struct Reference

request to the collision algorithm More...

#include <collision_data.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CollisionRequest (size_t num_max_contacts_=1, bool enable_contact_=false, size_t num_max_cost_sources_=1, bool enable_cost_=false)
bool isSatisfied (const CollisionResult &result) const

Public Attributes

size_t num_max_contacts
 The maximum number of contacts will return.
bool enable_contact
 whether the contact information (normal, penetration depth and contact position) will return
size_t num_max_cost_sources
 The maximum number of cost sources will return.
bool enable_cost
 whether the cost sources will be computed

Detailed Description

request to the collision algorithm

Definition at line 151 of file collision_data.h.

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