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fcl::IMatrix3 Struct Reference

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Public Member Functions

 IMatrix3 ()
 IMatrix3 (FCL_REAL v)
 IMatrix3 (const Matrix3f &m)
 IMatrix3 (FCL_REAL m[3][3][2])
 IMatrix3 (FCL_REAL m[3][3])
 IMatrix3 (Interval m[3][3])
 IMatrix3 (const IVector3 &v1, const IVector3 &v2, const IVector3 &v3)
void setIdentity ()
IVector3 getColumn (size_t i) const
const IVector3getRow (size_t i) const
Vec3f getColumnLow (size_t i) const
Vec3f getRowLow (size_t i) const
Vec3f getColumnHigh (size_t i) const
Vec3f getRowHigh (size_t i) const
Matrix3f getLow () const
Matrix3f getHigh () const
const Intervaloperator() (size_t i, size_t j) const
Intervaloperator() (size_t i, size_t j)
IMatrix3 operator+ (const IMatrix3 &m) const
IMatrix3operator+= (const IMatrix3 &m)
IMatrix3 operator- (const IMatrix3 &m) const
IMatrix3operator-= (const IMatrix3 &m)
IVector3 operator * (const Vec3f &v) const
IVector3 operator * (const IVector3 &v) const
IMatrix3 operator * (const IMatrix3 &m) const
IMatrix3 operator * (const Matrix3f &m) const
IMatrix3operator *= (const IMatrix3 &m)
IMatrix3operator *= (const Matrix3f &m)
void print () const

Public Attributes

IVector3 v_ [3]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 48 of file interval_matrix.h.

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