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fcl::details::EPA Struct Reference

class for EPA algorithm More...

#include <gjk.h>

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Public Types

enum  Status {
  Valid, Touching, Degenerated, NonConvex,
  InvalidHull, OutOfFaces, OutOfVertices, AccuracyReached,
  FallBack, Failed

Public Member Functions

 EPA (unsigned int max_face_num_, unsigned int max_vertex_num_, unsigned int max_iterations_, FCL_REAL tolerance_)
 ~EPA ()
void initialize ()
bool getEdgeDist (SimplexF *face, SimplexV *a, SimplexV *b, FCL_REAL &dist)
SimplexF * newFace (SimplexV *a, SimplexV *b, SimplexV *c, bool forced)
SimplexF * findBest ()
 Find the best polytope face to split.
Status evaluate (GJK &gjk, const Vec3f &guess)
bool expand (size_t pass, SimplexV *w, SimplexF *f, size_t e, SimplexHorizon &horizon)
 the goal is to add a face connecting vertex w and face edge f[e]

Public Attributes

Status status
GJK::Simplex result
Vec3f normal
FCL_REAL depth
SimplexF * fc_store
size_t nextsv
SimplexList hull
SimplexList stock


struct  SimplexF
struct  SimplexHorizon
struct  SimplexList

Detailed Description

class for EPA algorithm

Definition at line 187 of file gjk.h.

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