Sound Propagation for Professional Audio Production

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The GSoundAU plugin, running in GarageBand.

About GSoundAU

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GSound is a fast and flexible geometric sound propagation library created by the GAMMA research group at UNC-Chapel Hill. The GSound Audio Unit plugin brings the power of GSound to Apple's Logic and Garageband, two popular digital audio workstations (DAWs) used to produce audio for everything from podcasts to film scores.

The plugin makes it simple to add spatial sound effects to your Logic/GarageBand workflow. Load in a 3D model of a room, then drag the blue and orange icons to place yourself (the listener) and a sound source, and you will hear your audio as it would sound in that scene. The plugin is fully integrated with the DAW host and supports both mono and stereo audio sources.

A demo version of the plugin will be available for download soon.

Full integration with DAW hosts allows users to animate GSoundAU parameters (such as the x coordinate of the source position).