Menge Plugin Examples
A Collection of Example Plugins for the Menge Framework
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AgtHelbing Directory Reference


file  Helbing.cpp
 Plugin for helbing pedestrian.
file  Helbing.h [code]
 The definition of the Helbing pedestrian plug-in.
file  HelbingAgent.cpp
file  HelbingAgent.h [code]
 The agent specification for the pedestrian model based on the Helbing et al., 2000 paper.
file  HelbingAgentContext.cpp
file  HelbingAgentContext.h [code]
 A basic context for interacting with and displaying Helbing agent parameters.
file  HelbingConfig.h [code]
 Configures the shared library aspect of the includes.
file  HelbingDBEntry.cpp
file  HelbingDBEntry.h [code]
 The simulator database entry for the Helbing 2000 pedestrian model.
file  HelbingInitializer.cpp
file  HelbingInitializer.h [code]
 The AgentInitializer for the Helbing simulator.
file  HelbingSimulator.cpp
file  HelbingSimulator.h [code]
 Contains the Helbing::Simulator class Implements Helbing's 2000 pedestrian model.