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Menge::AgentEventTarget Class Reference

The base class for all event targets which target agents. More...

#include <AgentEventTarget.h>

Inheritance diagram for Menge::AgentEventTarget:
Menge::EventTarget Menge::Element Menge::NamedStateMemberTarget

Public Member Functions

std::vector< Agents::BaseAgent * >
begin ()
 Returns an iterator to the beginning of the target's elements.
std::vector< Agents::BaseAgent * >
end ()
 Returns an iterator to the end of the target's elements.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Menge::EventTarget
 EventTarget ()
virtual void finalize ()
 Allows the event target to finish initializing itself from its parsed state to its running state. More...
virtual void update ()
 Gives the target a chance to update its knowledge of the target entities. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Menge::Element
void destroy ()
 This supplants the destructor. More...
virtual BFSM::TaskgetTask ()
 Return an optional task associated with this element. More...
virtual SceneGraph::GLNodegetSGNode ()
 Returns an optional visualization element associated with the element. More...

Protected Attributes

std::vector< Agents::BaseAgent * > _elements
 The agents targeted by the event effect.
- Protected Attributes inherited from Menge::EventTarget
float _lastUpdate
 The global time that the target was last updated.

Detailed Description

The base class for all event targets which target agents.

Event targets are fundamentally defined by what the target of the effect is. Each event target specifies a single kind of target. This event target produces a set of one or more agents to effect.

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