Modular Pedestrian Simulation Framework for Research and Development
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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CMenge::Agents::AgentInitializerClass which determines the agent properties for each new agent
 CMenge::Agents::AgentKDTreeA kd-tree for performing nearest-neighbor searches
 CMenge::AStarMinHeapAn implementation of a min heap for A* algorithm. The heap needs to be able to restructure itself because the values of nodes IN the heap can change due to the A* algorithm
 CMenge::AttributeAn element attribute
 CMenge::AttributeSetA set of attributes
 CMenge::Vis::CameraParamA set of parameters specifying a single camera
 CMenge::SceneGraph::ContextThe base context class for defining a how events are handled. It also is responsible drawing UI elements in both screen space and in viewer world space. While the main viewer handles basic view manipulation, all other interactions should be handled with a context
 CMenge::SceneGraph::ContextResultDefines the result of the context's consideration of user input
 CMenge::ElementThe basic interface of extendible Menge Elements
 CMenge::ElementDB< Factory, Element >The base functionality of an element database
 CMenge::ElementFactory< Element >The templated base class for a plugin element
 CMenge::ElementFactory< Action >
 CMenge::ElementFactory< AgentGenerator >
 CMenge::ElementFactory< Condition >
 CMenge::ElementFactory< Elevation >
 CMenge::ElementFactory< EventEffect >
 CMenge::ElementFactory< EventTarget >
 CMenge::ElementFactory< EventTrigger >
 CMenge::ElementFactory< Goal >
 CMenge::ElementFactory< GoalSelector >
 CMenge::ElementFactory< ObstacleSet >
 CMenge::ElementFactory< ProfileSelector >
 CMenge::ElementFactory< SpatialQuery >
 CMenge::ElementFactory< StateSelector >
 CMenge::ElementFactory< Task >
 CMenge::ElementFactory< TransitionTarget >
 CMenge::ElementFactory< VelComponent >
 CMenge::ElementFactory< VelModifier >
 CMenge::EventThe definition of a Menge event
 CMenge::EventResponseA response to an event trigger. It combines an effect with a target
 CMenge::EventSystemThe main event engine – causes event triggers to be evaluated and effects to be applied
 CMenge::Math::FloatGeneratorGeneric abstract class which generates a scalar float value
 CMenge::BFSM::FSMTemplated class for the behavior finite state machine
 CMenge::BFSM::FSMDescripThe full description of the behavioral finite state machine
 CMenge::FunnelApexThe apex of the funnel
 CMenge::FunnelEdgeThe edge of a funnel
 CMenge::FunnelPlannerThe class that implements the funnel algorithm
 CMenge::Math::Geometry2DAbstract 2d Geometry class for FSM queries
 CMenge::SceneGraph::GLCameraThe class for controlling the view camera: it's position, orientation field of view, projection matrix, etc
 CMenge::GLContextManagerHandles updating the scene graph when there is a new OpenGL context
 CMenge::SceneGraph::GLLightThe OpenGL light class. Defines a light for the basic OpenGL pipeline
 CMenge::SceneGraph::GLNodeAn abstact class – a generic, scene graph node
 CMenge::SceneGraph::GLSceneThe class which contains the entire drawable scene
 CMenge::Vis::GLViewerClass for defining an OpenGL Viewer
 CMenge::BFSM::GoalSetA set of goals. Maps integer identifiers to instances of goals
 CMenge::GraphEdgeA graph edge
 CMenge::GraphVertexA graph vertex
 CMenge::Math::IntGeneratorGeneric abstract class which generates a scalar integer value
 CMenge::Vis::LightParamA set of parameters specifying a single light
 CMenge::Math::LineDefines a directed line
 CMenge::LoggerAn html logger - writes messages to a formatted html file
 CMenge::ManagedDataThe interface for managed data (essentially smart poitners)
 CMenge::ManagedDataWrapper< TData >A wrapper for managed data - automatically handles referencing and deletion of managed data
 CMenge::ManagedDataWrapper< ImageData >
 CMenge::Math::Matrix4x4Basic 4x4 matrix of floats
 CMenge::NavMeshEdgeThe navigation mesh adjacency graph edge
 CMenge::NavMeshLocationClass for indicating how the location of the agent is defined. Either by a portal path or a node
 CMenge::NavMeshNodeThe navigation mesh adjacency graph node. It corresponds to a convex polygon in the navigation mesh
 CMenge::NavMeshPolyThe polygon used in each node of a navigation mesh graph
 CMenge::Agents::NearAgentStruct to store agent proximity query results
 CMenge::Agents::NearObstacleStruct to store obstacle proximity query results
 CMenge::Agents::NeighborEntryAn entry of a nav mesh node including the distance to the node. Used in the queue to search nearby nodes
 CMenge::NMNodeGroupA navigation mesh node group
 CMenge::Vis::NullViewerThe off-line context for running a simulation
 CMenge::Agents::ObstacleDefines static obstacles in the simulation
 CMenge::Agents::ObstacleKDTreeDefines an obstacle kd-tree
 CMenge::Agents::ObstacleTreeNodeDefines an obstacle kd-tree node
 CMenge::Agents::ObstacleVertexListA strcuture for passing vertices and closed tags for obstacles
 CMenge::PathPlannerClass for computing paths through a navigation mesh
 CMenge::PluginThe base plug-in class
 CMenge::PluginEngineThe class responsible for finding, managing, and deleting plugins
 CMenge::PortalA simple portal definition
 CMenge::PortalPathThe definition of a path through space comprising of a sequence of portals
 CMenge::PortalRouteThe definition of a route through a navigation mesh from a start to an end node
 CMenge::Agents::PrefVelocityThe definition of a preferred velocity
 CMenge::Vis::ProfilerClass for storing sets of timers for profiling aspects of the simulation
 CProjectSpecThe specificaiton of a simulation project
 CMenge::Agents::ProximityQueryThe base class for filtering spatial queries according to proximity
 CMenge::ReadersWriterLockThe definition of a readers-writer lock
 CMenge::ResourceBasic class for managing on-disk resources
 CMenge::ResourceManagerClass to handle management of on-disk resources
 CMenge::ResourcePtr< Rsrc >Base Class providing a pointer interface to Resources
 CMenge::ResourcePtr< Graph >
 CMenge::ResourcePtr< NavMesh >
 CMenge::ResourcePtr< NavMeshLocalizer >
 CMenge::ResourcePtr< VectorField >
 CMenge::RoadMapPathA path on a roadmap between vertices
 CMenge::Agents::SCBFrameWriterThis base class for writing a single frame of simulation data to the scb file
 CMenge::Agents::SCBWriterClass responsible for writing the agent state of the simulator and fsm into a file
 CMenge::SceneGraph::SelectableThe class interface for selectable objects – objects which can be selectedc in the OpenGL context by clicking on them
 CMenge::SimpleLockThe definition of a simple mutex-style lock
 CMenge::SimulatorDBThe simulator database class
 CMenge::SimulatorDBEntryAn entry in the simulator database
 CMenge::Agents::SimulatorStateA class which caches the state of the simulator
 CMenge::Agents::SimXMLLoaderClass for parsing the SCENE XML specification and initialize a simulator It only knows the most fundamental common aspects of the file, relying on the Simulator to know of its own specific domain knowledge
 CMenge::BFSM::StateThe basic state of the behavior finite state machine
 CMenge::BFSM::StateDescripThe description of a state (see State)
 CMenge::SceneGraph::SystemAn animation system. Responsible for updating the scene based based on increasing time values
 CMenge::SceneGraph::TextWriterA singleton class responsible for writing text to an OpenGL context
 CMenge::Vis::TimerBasic timer
 CMenge::BFSM::TransitionThe transition between BFSM states
 CMenge::Math::Vec2DGeneratorGeneric abstract class which generates a 2D vector float values
 CMenge::Math::Vector2d< Type >Templated vector in R2
 CMenge::Math::Vector2d< float >
 CMenge::Math::Vector3d< Type >Templated vector in R3
 CMenge::Math::Vector3d< float >
 CMenge::Vis::ViewConfigThe specification of an OpenGL GLViewer for a scene
 CMenge::Agents::VisibilityConeA visiblity cone. In order for an agent to be visible, they must lie within the visibility cone
 CMenge::Vis::WatermarkA class for handling the watermark functionality
 CMenge::WayPortalThe basic structure defining a way "point" along a path through a navigation mesh. It consists of the navigation mesh edge to pass through and the node one should be in while heading to the edge
 CMenge::Math::WeightedIntA weighted integer value. Used with WeightedIntGenerator
 CMenge::SceneGraph::XformMatrixThe transformation matrix
 CMenge::Agents::XMLSimulatorBaseThe base class for extracting simulator settings from the XML specification