Modular Pedestrian Simulation Framework for Research and Development
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Menge::Agents::StateSelector Class Referenceabstract

The base class for selecting an agent's intial state. More...

#include <StateSelector.h>

Inheritance diagram for Menge::Agents::StateSelector:
Menge::Element Menge::Agents::ConstStateSelector

Public Member Functions

 StateSelector ()
virtual std::string getState ()=0
 Provides the name of a state. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Menge::Element
void destroy ()
 This supplants the destructor. More...
virtual BFSM::TaskgetTask ()
 Return an optional task associated with this element. More...
virtual SceneGraph::GLNodegetSGNode ()
 Returns an optional visualization element associated with the element. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~StateSelector ()
 Virtual destructor.

Detailed Description

The base class for selecting an agent's intial state.

This is an abstract class, primarily defining the mechanism for selecting an agent's initial state.

Member Function Documentation

virtual std::string Menge::Agents::StateSelector::getState ( )
pure virtual

Provides the name of a state.

Ths must be overriden by child classes.

: The name of the state.

Implemented in Menge::Agents::ConstStateSelector.

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