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Menge::NMNodeGroup Class Reference

A navigation mesh node group. More...

#include <NavMesh.h>

Public Member Functions

 NMNodeGroup ()
 Default constructor.
 NMNodeGroup (unsigned int first, unsigned int last)
 Constructor. More...
size_t groupSize () const
 Reports the number of nodes in this group.

Public Attributes

unsigned int _first
 The first index in the group.
unsigned int _last
 The last index in the group.

Detailed Description

A navigation mesh node group.

It is a partitioning of the nodes in the navigation mesh into named groups. Each group contains a contiguous block of node identifiers.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Menge::NMNodeGroup::NMNodeGroup ( unsigned int  first,
unsigned int  last 


firstThe index of the first node included in this group.
lastThe index of the last node included in this group. The group spans the nodes [ _first, _last ], inclusive.

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