Modular Pedestrian Simulation Framework for Research and Development
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Elevations Directory Reference


file  Elevation.h [code]
 The definition of the elevation element. This approximately allows for agents to be simulated on non-planer domains.
file  ElevationDatabase.cpp
file  ElevationDatabase.h [code]
 Central database for querying available elevation implementations.
file  ElevationFactory.h [code]
 The factory for parsing xml data and instantiating elevation implementations.
file  ElevationFlat.cpp
file  ElevationFlat.h [code]
 The definition of an elevation class for flat ground; elevation is always zero and gradient is always <0,0>.
file  ElevationNavMesh.cpp
file  ElevationNavMesh.h [code]
 Defines elevation based on a navigation mesh. If an agent (or a point) cannot be located on the mesh, its elevation is zero.