Modular Pedestrian Simulation Framework for Research and Development
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Agents Directory Reference


directory  AgentGenerators
directory  Elevations
directory  Events
directory  ObstacleSets
directory  ProfileSelectors
directory  SpatialQueries
directory  StateSelectors


file  AgentInitializer.cpp
file  AgentInitializer.h [code]
 The infrastructure for initializing agent properties from the scene specification file.
file  AgentPropertyManipulator.cpp
file  AgentPropertyManipulator.h [code]
 Classes for manipulating agent properties in an "undoable" manner (albeit, to a limited degree).
file  BaseAgent.cpp
file  BaseAgent.h [code]
 Contains the BaseAgent class - the underlying class which defines the basic functionality for all shared agents.
file  Obstacle.cpp
file  Obstacle.h [code]
 Contains the Obstacle class.
file  PrefVelocity.cpp
file  PrefVelocity.h [code]
 The definition of a preferred velocity.
file  SCBWriter.cpp
file  SCBWriter.h [code]
 Functionality for writing the crowd trajectories to a binary file.
file  SimulatorBase.h [code]
 Contains the SimulatorBase class - the common, generic simulator to work with different types of agents. It is templated on the Agent type.
file  SimulatorInterface.cpp
file  SimulatorInterface.h [code]
 The definition of the interface of the simulator required by the finite state machine.
file  SimulatorState.cpp
file  SimulatorState.h [code]
 A snapshot of the simulator state.
file  SimXMLLoader.cpp
file  SimXMLLoader.h [code]
 Contains functionality for parsing simulation specifcation from an XML file.
file  XMLSimulatorBase.cpp
file  XMLSimulatorBase.h [code]
 The set of operations used by SimXMLLoader to apply XML-parsed experiment specification to a simulator.