Modular Pedestrian Simulation Framework for Research and Development
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ObstacleSets Directory Reference


file  ExplicitObstacleSet.cpp
file  ExplicitObstacleSet.h [code]
 An obstacleset which creates obstacles based on explicit definitions in XML.
file  ListObstacleSet.cpp
file  ListObstacleSet.h [code]
 An abstract class for any obstacle set which will need an _obstacles list. Provides transformations from vertex vectors.
file  NavMeshObstacleSet.cpp
file  NavMeshObstacleSet.h [code]
file  ObstacleSet.cpp
file  ObstacleSet.h [code]
 The definition of the ObstacleSet element Defines the numbers and positions of obstacles in a set.
file  ObstacleSetDatabase.cpp
file  ObstacleSetDatabase.h [code]
 Central database for querying available obstacle set implementations.
file  ObstacleSetFactory.cpp
file  ObstacleSetFactory.h [code]
 The factory for parsing xml data and instantiating ObstacleSet implementations.
file  ObstacleVertexList.h [code]
 The definition of the set of vertices for an explicit obstacle definition.