GAMMA's research has included design and implementation of algebraic, geometric, and numeric algorithms and their applications to solid modeling, computer graphics, robotics, virtual environments, manufacturing, and physically-based modeling. Current and previous areas of research are below.

Current Research

Collision Detection and Proximity Queries

Collision detection and proximity queries Crowd and Multi-agent Simulation Crowd and multi-agent simulation
GPGPU and Many-core Computing General-purpose computations using graphics processors (GPGPU) and many-core computing Interactive Ray Tracing Interactive ray tracing
Motion and Path Planning Motion and path planning Physically-based Modeling, Simulation, and Animation Physically-based modeling, simulation, and animation
Sound Synthesis and Propagation Sound synthesis and propagation Traffic Simulation, Reconstruction, and Route Planning Traffic simulation, reconstruction, and route planning

Previous Research

Geometric and Solid Modeling Geometric and solid modeling Haptics and Interactive Applications Haptics and interactive applications
Walkthrough of Massive Models and Rendering Acceleration Walkthrough of massive models and rendering acceleration