Modular Pedestrian Simulation Framework for Research and Development
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SceneGraph Directory Reference


file  Context.cpp
file  Context.h [code]
 Defines a context for handling user interaction (mouse and keyboard input).
file  ContextSwitcher.cpp
file  ContextSwitcher.h [code]
 The definition of a context which allows the ability to select between multiple contexts.
file  GLCamera.cpp
file  GLCamera.h [code]
 Class to handle camera transformations in OpenGL.
file  GLContextManager.cpp
file  GLContextManager.h [code]
 The mechanism by which OpenGL memory structures are restored after an OpenGL context change..
file  GLGroundPlane.cpp
file  GLGroundPlane.h [code]
 The definition of a grid visualization of the ground plane.
file  GLLight.cpp
file  GLLight.h [code]
 A simple light for defining OpenGL lighting properties.
file  GLNode.cpp
file  GLNode.h [code]
 The basic scene graph node. Any object which can be placed into the scene graph is an instance or sub-class of this node.
file  GLScene.cpp
file  GLScene.h [code]
 The definition of the scene – the root of the directed, acyclic scene graph.
file  graphCommon.h [code]
 Various important pre-compiler directives for the scene graph.
file  image.cpp
file  image.h [code]
 The interface for loading and using images in the scene graph.
file  ManagedData.h [code]
 The interface for handling resources from a disk system.
file  Select.cpp
file  Select.h [code]
 Functionality to make nodes in the scene graph selectable by mouse clicking.
file  shapes.cpp
file  shapes.h [code]
 A library of simple renderable OpenGL shapes.
file  System.h [code]
 The mechanism for evolving a scene w.r.t. time.
file  TextWriter.cpp
file  TextWriter.h [code]
 Functionality for writing text on the OpenGL context.
file  Transform.cpp
file  Transform.h [code]
 Scene graph node which carries rigid transformations.
file  XformMatrix.cpp
file  XformMatrix.h [code]
 Defines the math of performing 3D transformation using a 4x4 homgeneous matrix.